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Whether you're a seasoned pro, or just getting started, we all want to look good when we're out riding or racing. We have years worth of expertise between our team and in a lot of instances, the only limit to what we can create is down to your imagination. If you've got a full idea of what you want to achieve, or just have a few points of inspiration, we're always on hand to lend our expertise!

As with any bespoke work, there’s always plenty that goes into it. Understanding what goes into any given helmet can be a little daunting, but once you see everything that goes into the creation and production of an Image Design Custom helmet, you can see exactly where the quality comes from.

With every process we go through, we take a pretty meticulous approach to details. From the basics such as the stripping of the helmet, masking vents, rubbers and gaskets, sanding and paint preparation, everything takes time. Once painted, each helmet will be de-masked, polished (dependent on finish) and assembled, all with the same keen eye that we apply to every job from start to finish. The time we spend on these processes will be the same for any custom made helmet, regardless of design complexities and ensures we can create the same high quality time and time again.

Before we begin any job, it always helps to know what you want to achieve. The more details you can provide, the easier it us for give you an outline on what costs are involved with creating your vision and bringing that dream helmet to life. Most importantly, it all starts with your helmet.

Here’s some of the basics:

  • What is the helmet you want to get painted? Is it full-face, open face?
  • Does it have any factory or existing graphics?
  • What finish does the helmet have? Is it gloss, matt or soft feel?

Every helmet is different, and these starting points will steer the estimate on what’s involved with the basics, as each helmet style will always differ in preparation times. A picture of your helmet is always helpful, especially for a second hand or pre used helmet as we can check for any potential damage.


  • Basic designs start at £400-600 + VAT
  • Mid range designs can go from £600-1000 + VAT dependent on complexity and colours or paint finishes.
  • More complex designs with multiple colours, paint finishes and preparation times will be £1000 + VAT upwards, with the only limit being your imagination!

You may ask yourself, how many colours do I get for the basic designs? Which seems like a simple enough question! Think of the costs being reflective of how complicated your design is. The more intricacy you go for, the more hours that will go into it and of course the higher the cost.

We like to compare it to having a tattoo done, the longer you’re in the chair the more it costs! The more inspiration you have, the better. Let us know what you like, what you don’t like, what elements you want included and what you want the end result to look like.

We also often get asked if we can paint Red Bull, or other branded helmets. Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer this service as we are contracted by these companies to produce helmets and designs for their sponsored riders and athletes ONLY. If you want a Red Bull custom made helmet, you’ll need to get sponsored!

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