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Whether it's the ultimate helmet, the most epic motorcycle build or any other dream project you've got in mind, trying to visualise the end result can seem pretty daunting at times. Looking for points of inspiration can generally be pretty helpful to steer you towards creating your vision, but at the same time it can also throw even more ideas into the pot!

If you find yourself with a mountain of inspiration, but not getting any closer to an end result, then you can always rely on the years worth of expertise of our team, to channel all your ideas into the end result. At the core of what we do, lies a resource of creativity and an eye for colour, patterns and textures, all of which is second nature to us. It all starts with a call or an email, so drop us a line and we'll be more than happy to channel all of your wild ideas into an incredible final piece.

I'm a big fan of military aircraft and for the last 2 seasons I really enjoy the design and I'm super happy with the helmets painted by Image Design Custom.

Clement Desalle - Monster Energy Kawasaki MXGP Team

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