How can I place an order?

The first step is to get in touch. We don't have any set order forms, as every customer is different. Our website is filled with plenty of relevant info, but if you're still unsure just drop us a line!

How long does it take to do custom paint?

On average we have a 2-3 week lead time, that can increase during pre race season at the start of the year. Every job is different and we'll always endeavour to give you an indication on completion dates when we get you booked in.

What customisation do you offer?

We specialise in helmets and motorcycles, but we've painted everything from skateboards to shoes and even a boiler. We can take on most jobs, so get in touch and let us know what you had in mind!

Can you paint Red Bull, Monster or other branded helmets?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer this service as we are contracted by these companies to produce helmets and designs for their sponsored riders and athletes ONLY. If you want a Red Bull helmet, you’ll need to get sponsored! We can replicate the helmet brand logos, but any other additions will need prior approval before they can be added.

How much is a custom paint job?

Think of the costs being reflective of how complicated your design is. The more intricacy you go for, the more hours that will go into it and of course the higher the cost. We like to compare it to having a tattoo done, the longer you’re in the chair the more it costs!

Can you add designs to a helmet thats already been painted?

We can take on most work, even if it's not a fully customised paint job. We understand that your preferences may change and we can make adjustments or changes to anything that's already been painted. Before we can confirm, get in touch and we can make assessments on your requirements.

how do I look after my custom painted helmet?

For helmet care, mud and crud should be hosed off (do not use a pressure washer!). Wipe down gently with a wet rag to remove any dirt from the surface to avoid scratching the paint and allow time to air dry. DO NOT use any harsh chemicals, contact cleaner or acidic chemicals as this may damage the paint and your helmet!

do you offer sponsorships?

We're always happy to take on applications for sponsorships, so if you think you've got what it takes to be an Image Design Custom athlete then get in touch. Please note, we generally only take applications ahead of race season each year.

how many colours do i get for a basic paint cost?

For what may seem like a simple question, doesn't necessarily have a simple answer. Due to the multitude of paint styles, colours, effects and finishes there are no 'set' colours for basic paint. A simple design with a complex specialist paint finish, may sit at the same price as a complex design with only a 1 or 2 colours. Every job is different and we will always quote based on the hours involved with bringing your idea to life.

will my helmet be safe to use after painting?

The main focus for any paint work is to ensure we can keep it to the same quality standard as a factory fresh item. With our years worth of expertise, we will always ensure that any helmet we paint remains safe to use and as with all of our work, we have a very strict quality control.


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