Classic BMW DTM Inspired Custom Helmet

We get plenty of insane designs through the doors here at Image Design Custom. When SCD member David reached out to us and told us his vision for a custom helmet, we knew this was going to be an epic design. David is the proud owner of a beautiful classic BMW M3 and grew up watching the very same car racing in the German DTM series. Taking inspiration from his childhood memories, David wanted all the most iconic aspects of the classic BMW E30 M3 liveries and the drivers that raced in the very same car.

Of all the designs that the E30 carried, there weren't many that were as quintessentially German as the Jagermeister which was driven by Mario Ketterer. With the bold orange making up the bulk of the helmet design, we also included a few elements that went beyond the DTM cars and showcased some elements that made the M3 and the M Sport such an iconic race car. We included signatures of the drivers that David grew up watching and the 'Respect your Elders' tagline that has become synonymous with classic BMW's. An M Sport inspired design wouldn't be complete without the three stripes that you'll commonly see on any racing spec BMW. The stripes follow the contours of the helmet shape and bring together this great example of a classically inspired racer helmet.


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