we are passion. we are emotion. we are artists. we are image design custom.

Founded in 2007, Image Design Custom has its DNA rooted in racing, art and creating epic things. We take every day and channel in the same passion, emotion and pride that the core of our brand is built on. Life is far too short to do things half-assed and we wouldn't have it any other way. We get the same thrill day in and day out, from all of the work we produce and we find a constant stream of inspiration from our customers, athletes and clients alike.

Here at Image Design Custom, we get to work with some of the worlds best athletes, some charismatic customers and plenty of interesting characters. From MXGP, to World Cup Downhill racing and plenty in between, we've been very fortunate to have our work paraded on the world stage. From the elite pros, right down to the average Joe, we see the same passion and energy that keeps us fuelled to work everyday and it's what makes our brand all the more worthwhile.

It's not just about the name, the logo, or the brand. It's about all of it. It's about the extremely talented individuals that make up the Image Design Custom team. It's about shared passion, connecting through creativity and all with a sense of pride that you'll find in everything that goes out of our workshop. It's about the passion and creativity that will always define any Image Design Custom creation and the fundamentals of why we create them.

So join the ride, share the passion and if you ever want to chat, the kettle is always on.



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