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The dream Team

We've got a lot of talented individuals that make up the Image Design Custom team. They collectively have decades of experience and all of this is channelled through the high quality of work that you can expect from us and our team. It all started many years ago with the 'the bosses' Tom & Steve and over the years, we've built a team that has upheld the same high quality standard that we're renowned for.

Tom Fuller

The Boss

Tom's career started way back in the late 80's when fluorescent colours ruled and mullets were in fashion. Fast forwards a few decades and in 2007, Tom officially launched Image Design Custom alongsid...

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Steve Roke

the boss

Steve has been a painter ever since he left school and his forte used to be car body repairs. That was Steve's career up until around 2003 when he got made redundant. He worked doing fire alarms for a...

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Jack Haynes

helmet production manager

At the start of this decade Jack was roughly 2 years into his apprenticeship of car painting. He'd only worked at one body shop so tried a few others until he realised painting cars was definitely not...

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Pat Rivera


Pat started early with his career and worked at a body shop whilst he was still at school and continued after he finished, trying his hand a every aspect of work the body shop had to offer. He moved t...

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Sammy Morgan

graphic designer

Having grown up spending most of his weekends at race circuits across the UK, whether it be for 2 or 4 wheeled racing, motorsport has always been a huge passion for Sammy. Pair that with the influence...

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Mandy Smith

Airbrush Artist

Mandy started visiting Tom about 15 years ago, due to her dad being a nosey bugger and telling Tom “Mandy could do that!” She kept popping into the workshop one day a week and started picking Toms bra...

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Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.

Elliot Withers

Brand Marketing Manager

Elliot joined IDC early in 2020 and is the newest member of the team. Not quite as talented as our super skilled painters, but talented in brand marketing none the less! He worked at Muc-Off for a fai...

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Deano Crisp

head of paint preperation

Deano started at Altamura in 2004 and joined the body shop team that was managed by Tom and Steve at the time. In 2007, after Tom and Steve left to set up Image Design Custom, Deano moved on from Alta...

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