nothing is beyond restoration

Another string to our bow is paint restoration on classic and modern motorcycles. With a vast library of colours and skilled colour matching ability we can create the perfect match for your pride and joy and get it looking like new again. As with our paint work, our customers demand a high degree of integrity and originality in their restoration projects and with this in mind, we will always strive for the highest possible quality.

Any paintwork is only as good as the preparation work and our highly skilled team can shape filler to form the perfect canvas for a perfect paint-job, we like to call it filler fabrication. We also can fill holes and dents and we offer plastic welding on plastic panels that can be salvaged. We don't currently offer metal fabrication.

If you're unsure of where to start, or what work your bike may need, then drop us a line for a chat as we're always happy to discuss your needs.

Image Design Custom created a truly special helmet for me for the 2019 Isle of Man Classic TT and I was blown away by the result!

James Hillier - IOM TT Legend


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