no matter what you want to create or what your dream vision is, it all starts with an idea.

There's a lot that goes into all of our work, whether it's a full face helmet or a cafe racer build. We understand that with any project, you want the absolute best and you can feel rest assured that we have the same high quality standard across all of our processes. We're here to help you through every step and to ensure that the end result is exactly as you envisioned, or better.


Step 1

Kick off meeting

Before we start getting stuck into paint, it's always worth having a chat so that we can get a good steer on what you're trying to achieve. We're always on email, or the phone!


Step 2

Design concepts

Once we've got enough inspiration from you, we'll then move onto creating digital mock ups so you can begin to see your project coming to life.


Step 3

Amendments & Changes

We appreciate that you want your dream project to be perfect and we'll always tweak and change any design aspects to suit your needs.


Step 4


What may seem like a blank canvas, still needs preparing. Before we go to paint, we'll ensure the surfaces are clean, smooth and ready for some colour.


Step 5


Once we've prepared the surfaces, it's time to get stuck in with making out the design. This can be built up in stages, to create the same design as on the digital mock ups.


Step 6


With the design masks in place, we'll move on to the paint process to start bringing your dream project to life. Design complexity will dictate how many layers of paint need to be applied.


Step 7

de-mask & repeat

The style of design you go for may need to be built up in stages, with the masking and painting processes repeated until we've created the final design.


Step 8


Depending on the design you go for, there may be certain elements that can't be achieved with a spray gun and airbrushing allows us to create finer details that bring the whole design together.


Step 9


Once we've built the layers up and have matched the paint to the artwork, it's almost time for completion. At this point, the design will be sealed in with either a matt or gloss finish, or a combination of both.


Step 10


Depending on the finish you go for, we may need to flatten the matt or polish the gloss so that you get a clean, high quality finish on your new pride and joy.


Step 11


With the paint finished, we'll always rebuild your helmet back to factory fresh so it's ready to go. For motorcycle rebuilds, just get in touch!


Step 12


With the paint finished and your pride and joy fully rebuilt, we'll send it securely back to you at which point you can crack on being the envy of your friends!

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