the smoke and mirrors behind the magic

At our core, we're a custom paint and design house located in the small town of Frimley, UK. We're the facilitators of our customers lifestyles, passions and emotions and all from the same workshop we've been in since 2007. There's an engrained sense of passion and pride in everything you see from us here at Image Design Custom and it's the stoke and excitement that we see from both our customers and fans, that makes it all the more worthwhile. Between our team, we have decades worth of experience but aren't content with just being good, we're all about being the best. From conception, to execution and every step in between there is an almost obsessive and meticulous eye for detail that you'd be hard pressed to find elsewhere. We very rarely say 'no' and will happily take on any work, no matter how crazy you think it is and we're always keen to take on a challenge!

We're artists. We're riders. We're dirt junkies. We love the open road. We love muddy trails. We're racers. We're passionate. Burt most importantly, we are Image Design Custom.


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