For when you really want to crank it up a notch

For every colour there is that we can paint, there’s always a multitude of special effects that can be added. Special effect paints are a complete contrast to classic coloured paints, as they contain components that can change, react or produce different visual effects. Most of the specialist paints we use are at the forefront of innovation and with an almost infinite amount of applications, you can be sure that these paints will help create a truly unique final outcome. These types of paint applications require a high level of skill and execution, but our years worth of expertise means we can utilise these paints to their fullest and create a spectacular finish.

The amount of choice for special effect paints can be a little daunting, but once you get an understanding of what effect each paint can create, it’ll no doubt narrow down your choices.

Candy: The Candy effect is achieved by applying a metallic/flake coat of paint as a base then applying a translucent candy paint over the top which shows the metallic underneath, this will give it a bright, vivid and rich colour.

Texture Effects: We can create multiple textures to suit any style and most of these are achieved using a combination of paint types and application techniques.

Colour Changing Effects: This is probably the most well known effect, that changes the colour depending on the angle that the paint is viewed. This finish is created by the optical properties contained within the paints and can be referred to as chameleon, holographic or opalescent paints.

Reaction & Photoluminescent: These types of paints will typically create an effect that causes the paint to change colour or appearance by reacting to external conditions such as heat and brightness or through the application of UV or infrared light.

There are tons of choices and an almost unlimited amount of ways to create a unique one of a kind design. If you’re still unsure, you can always tap into our vast knowledge and years of experience for recommendations on what would be best for your project.


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