New Team Rider: Finley Davies!

It gives us an insane amount of pleasure to introduce you to our first-ever official IDC team rider, Finley Davies!! With our brand getting bigger and the Image Design Custom name now getting recognised around the world, it was about time for us to select some talented individuals to help spread the word of what we do. We've seen Finley blowing up on the MTB scene and you only need to pop by his local trails in Woburn, to see exactly why we've chosen Finley as a team rider.
With his natural talent on an MTB and a kick-ass attitude to boot, we couldn't be more stoked to have Finley representing our brand.

We designed a helmet for Finley that's inspired by the worlds greatest stuntman, Evel Knievel. It features a bold and shimmering metallic blue, with a pearl coat on top and Finley's all-important nickname across the back. We couldn't just send him his helmet, so we drove up to Woburn trails and hand-delivered it. We also took some time out to ask Finley a few questions about him as a rider, so scroll down to find out more about this insanely talented kid!

IDC: When did you start riding MTB?

FD: I started to ride MTB bikes at 9 years old, but I spent a lot of time racing BMX bikes before that.

IDC: What was the first trick you ever learned?

FD: When I got my first dirt jump bike, I could transfer all my tricks from BMX straight over, such as no foot cans, candy bar, t bogs and my favourite was to backflip! Learning this at age 8 I loved to show off pulling them everywhere I rode.

IDC: Which riders do you look up to?

FD: I look up to most of the MTB freestyle riders, such as Emil Johansson, Nicholi Rogatkin, Matt Jones and enjoy following some of the journeys of other riders that are generally just sending it like Sam Reynolds and Bienvinedo Aguado,

IDC: Who’s your favourite rider?

FD: I don’t really have a favourite they are all inspiring as riders!

IDC: What was your first helmet?

FD: When riding I always wore a TSG dawn open face helmet, it was pretty comfy until I lost both my front teeth from a crash when riding! Now I only wear a full face, even in the skatepark.

IDC: What would be your dream helmet?

FD: Apart from the Image Design Custom Helmet I have now, my dream helmet would of course be Red Bull or Monster!

IDC: Where’s your favourite place to ride?

FD: When I’m riding in the UK, I love to ride trails, Woburn, G23, Wisley and can’t wait to ride Leatherhead! (the weather gods kept messing with us in this one!) I can’t choose a favourite out of them but so far in my travels, my best spot overseas would be La Poma bike park.

IDC: Where’s your dream place to ride?

FD: If I could go anywhere, I would choose Whistler, Innsbruck and Woodward USA.

IDC: What can we expect from Finley in the future?

FD: I hope to continue riding and improve so that I can get more invites to ride more places and get to big events overseas. That’s the dream, so until then I just keep on trying.

You can find Finley over on Instagram where you'll exactly why we chose him to represent Image Design Custom! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some exciting projects with Finley in future!

Helmet Gallery Images: Jason Reed


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