Porsche 917 Inspired Dream Build

Gee Milner started the Dream Build YouTube channel over 2 years ago and during this time he’s created some pretty unique builds. From top spec road bikes to full factory downhill rigs, there’s no shortage of bike porn on Gee’s channel. When he approached us with the idea of a Porsche Hypercar inspired Santa Cruz build, we couldn’t turn it down. Armed with a brand new 2020 Santa Cruz Bronson frame and a completely bespoke design based of Porsche’s insane 917 Living Legend, we set to creating this incredible one of a kind custom painted bike.

It all started with stripping the bike down to create a smooth an even surface which is the foundation for any top spec paint job. Taking what is already a pretty top spec frame and going straight at it with a sander can seem a little unnerving but is an essential part in creating a clean a high-quality finish.

For the base coat, we utilised a pearlescent white to reflect the high-end nature of the insane car that this bike was being based on. We then moved onto masking out the pin stripes, ready for the next colour which was a very specific red to match the RockShox Lyrik forks that would finally adorn the bike once complete.

With the first 2 colours in place, it was then the job of creating chrome effect logos and pinstripes that were another nod to the forks which would complete the build. With a bit more masking and some secret techniques to create the chrome effect, the frame was becoming more and more like the car it was inspired by.

After a few satisfying masking tape peels, a good hit of clear coat lacquer and plenty of polish to remove any last imperfections we had a completed frame. This incredible frame was then boxed up and sent off to Gee to work his magic, creating this totally unique one of a kind custom painted Sant Cruz Bronson based off the Porsche 917 Living Legend concept car.

You can see the full paint process, including the build of the bike itself through the video link above! Or if beautiful process imagery is more your kind of thing, then grab a brew and scroll through some of the process shots below.

If you fancy creating your own Dream Build, then be sure to get it touch! Whether it’s hypercar inspired, or just a fresh lick of paint, we’re always here to chat.


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