Painting Mr. JWW's First ever custom helmet!

If you're the type of person that likes fast cars and spends a lot of time watching supercar video's on YouTube, then you've no doubt come across James William Walker who is better known as Mr JWW. James spends most of his days driving the sort of hotly coveted metal he could once only dream of and presenting the latest supercars to fans at car shows around the globe.

For the 2021 race season, James will be one of a number of guest racers driving in the new Praga class within the Britcar championship. The class features the fifth-generation version of the Czech sportscar manufacturer's R1 model - a car that has undergone extensive development work in a number of areas, such as improved aerodynamics, better electronics and boasting a larger fuel tank. And if you've not seen this car before, it's nothing short of psychotic, with enough downforce to scare even the most seasoned drivers!

If you're going to be racing in a serious race series, you need to look the part. We worked closely with James to channel the full identity of the Mr JWW brand to create a completely custom Stilo ST5. Utilising James' brand colours, we created a simple yet bold design for James' first season as a competitive race driver. We used a combination of a bold gloss red, a matte finish metallic navy blue and a candy blue ink to showcase the carbon weave of the Stilo ST5. You can see James' journey to getting his first-ever custom helmet over on his YouTube channel or watch the creation process in the video above, or scroll through the gallery below!


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