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Cycling is one of the most popular sports out there, with almost half the UK population having access to, or regularly using their own bike. It's all well and good owning one, especially when it's your pride and joy, but there's nothing worse than rolling out for a ride only to see someone else on the same bike as you. Luckily for you, we can take your pride and joy and make it truly one of a kind!

It can be a little unnerving with the amount of choices you'll have on customisation when it comes to custom bicycles. We've got a wealth of expertise to help you through the process and you can expect the same level of quality and attention to detail that you'll find in any other custom painted products that go out the door here at Image Design Custom.

We take a lot of pride in all of our work and there's no exception when it comes to custom bicycles. We take the same meticulous approach to every part of the process to give your pride and joy a new lease of life. From stripping the bike down to remove the factory paint, to making it all off and getting it ready for paint, there are no corners cut. You can feel rest assured that we'll give you the same high quality that we're renowned for.

Before we start any work, we'll need to get an idea of what you want your custom bicycle to become. You may want a completely bespoke design or a replica of your favourite bike of all time. Whatever you want the end result to be, we can help you through the process of creating your dream custom bicycle and give you plenty of info on the costs and processes involved. Ultimately it all starts with your bike.

There are a few points to get started:

  • What bike are you looking to have painted? Is it a hard tail, or full suspension?
  • Does it have any factory paint or graphics?
  • Is there any damage to the bike? And has it been ridden?
  • Do you just want the frame painting, or are there other components you want to match?

These starting points will give us a base to work from and will be the foundation in bringing your dream custom bicycle to life. It will also give us a good idea of how much work may be involved and how this will be reflected in pricing. If you have any images of your bike in its current state, we can make assessments on any preparation work that may be required ahead of getting the bike ready for paint.


There are no set prices as such on custom bicycles, as no two jobs are ever the same but as a guide, you can start with the following:

  • Hard tail frames start at £500 + VAT for basic paint
  • Full suspension frames start at £650 + VAT depending on the complexity of the frame and linkage
  • Forks are dependant on type and model, but basic designs start at around £200 + VAT

No two designs are ever alike and the pricing is more of a guide than set in stone. The costs will generally be reflective of the amount of work involved in bringing your vision to life. If you want a more technical design that has specific elements, then there will be more hours invested in the painting process and this will increase the overall price. We'll always help you through every stage of the painting process, especially so if you have a budget to stick to!

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