The World's Fastest Triumph Bobber!

When it comes to custom bike builders, Jody Millhouse of the world-renowned Thornton Hundred Motorcycles, knows a thing or two about bespoke builds. When Jody got his hands on the already powerful 1200cc Triumph Bonneville Bobber, he gave it the usual Thornton Hundred treatment that his workshop is so renowned for. Taking a stock Bobber, Jody went pretty wild adding parts that wouldn't look out of place on a drag racer and took the stock build, up to a staggering 200bhp making this quite simply the world's fastest bobber. You'd think that hammering down a quarter-mile with 200 horses between your legs would be enough, but this is of course a Thornton build. So to take the bike up another few notches, it comes complete with a Rotrex C15 supercharger and dry nitrous-oxide injection that'll take this bike up to a face-melting 170mph!

A bike as insane as this needed a paint job to match and Jody came to us to turn this already psychotic build into a truly unique bike. We took inspiration from the mentions of 'nitrous injection' and created a blue flame inspired tank that was reflective of the high octane fuel that gives this bike its insane horsepower. The flames were airbrushed in by hand to create a realistic finish and the tank was then finished with the manufacturer logos of the parts that went into this one of a kind bike.


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