Steve Peat 2012 World Champs Bike Throwback

When it comes to downhill mountain bike racing, Steve Peat is up there with some of the greats. You could almost go as far as saying he's a legend in the sport. Back in 2012, Peaty headed over to Leogang Austria to race in what would be his 20th year competing as part of Team GB. To honour this incredible achievement, we worked with Peaty to create a truly unique one of a kind Santa Cruz V10 carbon frame that would give any Brit a sense of patriotism.

Not content with just a frame, we also painted a matching set of Enve rims and a pair of Five Ten shoes to complete the full Union Jack look for this bike. Peaty's had some pretty wild bikes over the years, but this one will always have some sentimental value for us!


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