MXGP Rider Insight: Clément Desalle

After breaking his leg at the MXGP of Russia last year, Kawasaki Racing team rider Clement Desalle landed at Matterley Basin in March to kick off the first round of his 2020 comeback. Before tyres hit the dirt, we took some time out with Clement to discuss helmets, his aspirations for the season ahead and his passion for military aircraft.

IDC: What's the first helmet you ever had?

CD: My first ever helmet, was one of my Dad's that he just gave me. It was an Arai I think he had and he just gave it to me. That was nice you know, as it was from my Dad and I used it to just ride in the garden for fun. It was a little bit big but it was ok! Unfortunately I don't have this one anymore as I think I gave it to a neighbour to help out so I don't have it!

IDC: What's the inspiration behind your current helmet?

CD: The last 2 years the inspiration behind my helmets has been from airplanes from the military. I'm a big fan of military airplanes, that's one thing and I really like the matt grey. The design is based on the A400M, the big airbus plane and I really enjoy the design and I'm really happy about it.

IDC: Who had the most iconic helmet in history?

CD: I can't say the name of the rider is coming back to me, but a few months back I saw a Monster helmet that had a wood design, like the helmet was made from wood. It was really nice and I really liked it, so maybe some inspiration for a helmet in the future but that was a nice one!

IDC: What would be your dream helmet design?

CD: With my current designs I would say it was any that are inspired by the military aircraft, as I really like the grey and the elements from the airplane and the matt grey looks really good with my sponsors logos. One helmet I really like was the one I won my national championship with and that one is more about that race instead of the helmet design. That was a great day and the helmet is like a souvenir for me.


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