MXGP Rider Insight: Arnaud Tonus

At the first round of the 2020 MXGP season at Matterley Basin, we took some time out with Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP Team rider Arnaud Tonus to find out a little more about his history of MX helmets and the season ahead.

IDC: What's the first helmet you ever had?

AT: The first helmet I can remember was probably a Suomy, you know with the really old school stuff on the front. It wasn't looking super sexy but I had some good memories on that and when you're young, you're not looking much at the design or any other stuff, you just wanted to ride a dirt bike. It's funny that now I can have a different perspective on stuff and want to be cool, but memories from when I was a kid it was just about riding bikes!

IDC: What's the inspiration behind your current helmet?

AT: So the idea on the current helmet, was to have something a little bit more sober that fits more with my gear and stuff like that, as we change quite a lot over the season. I had in the past some designs with some really specific stuff like warriors and Japanese flowers that meant there was a lot of stuff on the helmet, so the current one is more on the simple side. But I really like it, I think it's super clean and the matt finish fits really well with the design.

IDC: What would be your dream helmet design?

AT: It's funny because my dream helmet would be something pretty close to what I have now, as I like to have something pretty simple that you can see from afar and these days, somehow I'm more into simple stuff on my designs and also on my gear. I don't like things that are flashy or really outside of the box, but it's all about the moment you're in as a lot can change and you have different ideas. It definitely depends on the moment and the mood.

IDC: Who had the most iconic helmet in history?

AT: If I had to pick one iconic helmet, it would definitely be (Jeremy) McGrath from the old days. There was a helmet with bubbles and stuff that really stuck in my mind and also McGrath was the man you know and he always had a great style on the bike and that's for sure the one I think of when it comes to iconic helmets. My Dad used to have some cool ones too, he had a really good friend that was an artist and was making some cool helmets and when I was a kid I'd say 'that looks super sick' but I wouldn't put that on my helmet now!

IDC: What's your favourite helmet of your career so far?

AT: I would say my favourite helmet of my career so far was form the 2019 season, with the warrior design, as I really like the Japanese tattoo style and I also have some tattoos like this on my body. It was something special and I really liked the design on it, so if I had to pick one it would be the Japanese themed helmet.

IDC: What happens to your old helmets?

AT: Well my old helmets to be honest, you wouldn't ride in anymore as most of them are face down from crashes but I give a few to friends or sponsors as I'm not the type of guy that keeps stuff, I try to give it to people that appreciate it. I'm not really keeping anything, I just wear it, love it and give it to somebody.


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