limited edition harley-davidson FXDR

The FXDR limited edition is no normal Harley. Away from the traditional stylings of chrome and leather, the muscular and aggressive shape of the Softail FXDR is a step away from the usual aesthetic of a Harley-Davidson.

Harley-Davidson approached us to rekindle the look of the FXDR Softail for a limited edition run of 30 bikes. We designed an eye catching layout that wasn't too loud, but not too subtle either. Following the Harley-Davidson factory standard, we combined white, black and gold into a paint scheme that complimented the natural lines of the bike. Finished with a matt clear coat, it'll turn a few heads without being too over the top. Each bike comes with a few tweaks on the handle bars and the same 114ci V-Twin engine as the stock FXDR.

The bikes are finished with a modern Harley-Davidson logo design, some clean pin-striping and limited badging to identify the very limited number of bikes. We completed these bikes to the same Harley factory standard and as such, these bikes are still covered under warranty. With only 30 of these bikes available and all exclusive to UK Harley-Davidson dealers, you'll need to be quick to try and find one!


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