Tommy Searle

Honda Racing

We've painted a few helmets for Tommy Searle over the years, but this one is a little bit special. Tommy recently had a completely bespoke rebuild on a 1996 Honda CR250, built by legendary bike restorer Doc Wob. Renowned as the last truly great Honda 250 two-stroke, the 1996 CR250 was taken to Supercross glory by Jeremy McGrath and remains an icon as the last of its breed and the end of an era. With such an iconic bike, it needed a fitting helmet to boot and with this in mind, we created a retro styled Alpinestars helmet taking inspiration from the McGrath helmet that was taken to victory in the same year as the bike. Not content with just adding some retro flair, we added in Tommy's name in a 'showtime' gold leaf and finished the helmet with a bit of subtle metal flake. You can see what Tommy thought about this helmet over on his YouYube channel!


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